A silly row has broken out about free schools. Odd this, as there are not really enough of them to have a row about, compared with maintained schools or even academies. Mr Clegg (pbuh, I think) has seemed to have a long hard look at the free schools that exist already and then carefully and with much thought selected the exact wrong end of the stick. Free schools apparently should not be so free that they can choose their own curriculum, nor feed their protégés food that is less than wonderful nor employ teachers that are unqualified. Otherwise, heaven forfend, they might be mistaken for private schools. So the DfE has wheeled out Liz Truss to defend the policy, say how well they are doing and how passionately the Lib Dem schools minister David Laws is behind the free school policy. All this in the week of the fiasco at al-Madinah and Pimlico Primary.

turner_burning_houses_lords_commons_lToday, by the way, this was the top story on the BBC. Within the past 24 hours, 37 people were murdered by “Islamic” extremists in a café in Baghdad, with 40 injured, and  another 30 murdered by other “Islamic” extremists in a suicide bomb attack in Hama in central Syria.

Mr Clegg, put the toys away in a box, and talk about important stuff, please.


About Huw Humphreys

I am a headteacher in the city of Milton Keynes, where I have been since April 2011, looking to make education effective for the whole child and keeping a distant relationship with the powers that be and their narrowing approach to education... but most of all I am looking to find out what it means to be both a follower of Jesus Christ and a passionate educator in the midst of an unsettled community. I am also a part time musician, part time linguist and lover of history and literature...committed both to freedom to learn and depth of learning for all our children. The views on this blog are all my own, and not in any way those of the school I lead!

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