P1010795Good work is what is required of us, not simply hard work (by which I mean exertion either toward a successful outcome or inhibiting it). So to see today a stunning conclusion to our first proper art exhibition at Christ the Sower for some years was a revelation of good work. Good work such as this is done in devotion and care, both by children who have an understanding that it is good to participate in and by adults who took the requisite care and attention in order to demonstrate to those who matter (in this case the artists and their parents) how much this work is valued, by framing, presenting and preserving it well. Thus affection is at the root of our good work. We work because we love to work and because we recognise the importance of it to our own well-being. We again find ourselves cooperating with the creative impulse of God as we make good work as a reflection of our image-bearing capacity as humans, not for the benefit of ourselves alone (though to be sure we know it is good and we can be satisfied) but for the exaltation of one another and the glory of the greater community (whether school, group, class or whatever). The end result – the exhibition itself, and Sue Mitchell’s tireless effort to put it on for all of us – was nothing short of astonishing. The comments in the gallery’s comment book are the real testimony to what has been achieved.

So, here are a handful of pictures that show what good work really looks like, not perfect, but full of promise and affection, and therefore good in all the ways that truly matter.



About Huw Humphreys

I am a headteacher in the city of Milton Keynes, where I have been since April 2011, looking to make education effective for the whole child and keeping a distant relationship with the powers that be and their narrowing approach to education... but most of all I am looking to find out what it means to be both a follower of Jesus Christ and a passionate educator in the midst of an unsettled community. I am also a part time musician, part time linguist and lover of history and literature...committed both to freedom to learn and depth of learning for all our children. The views on this blog are all my own, and not in any way those of the school I lead!

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