These photos do not do them justice, but this is a good place to celebrate the focused and detailed work of a group of 14 printmakers who have been working together as a group on Tuesday afternoons after school during the Spring Term 2017. I have not included two of the children as their prints included their name. Short evaluations of their work are displayed next to the prints in the corridor outside Beech Hall, should you want to go and have a look and read what I thought about them (I have been completely honest, so one or two of the girls may guess what is in store).

It has been particularly great watching 4 of the printmakers from last term really deepen their understanding and constantly challenge themselves to more complex prints – one was determined to produce a 5 colour print with four reductions, but ran out of time.

The children who only began this term soon differentiated themselves into those who were naturals and those who needed a lot of supervision and encouragement. There was not quite as much blood spilt this time as there was in the autumn term, though we had the odd incident, mostly from children forgetting to place their non-working hand behind the working hand when cutting lino, and not cutting away from the body.

The impact of printmaking is often in repetition or a design, so placing sets of work alongside each other has had a greater impact than seeing them alone. I am really proud of these children and what they have managed to achieve. I am giving formal printmaking a rest now in my art teaching, but hopefully children will choose it as one means of expression when we come to deal with the mixed-media work I have planned for the coming summer.


About Huw Humphreys

I am a headteacher by profession, now working as an educational researcher, in the city of Milton Keynes, where I have been since April 2011. My work looks to make education effective for the whole child and keeps a distant relationship with the powers that be and their narrowing approach to education... but most of all I am looking to find out what it means to be both a follower of Jesus Christ and a passionate educator in the midst of an unsettled community. I am also a part time musician, amateur printmaker, part time linguist and lover of history and literature...committed both to freedom to learn and depth of learning for children. The views on this blog are all my own.

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